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Strategic Marketing and Planning ensures that all your business marketing decisions are data driven to carefully measure and deliver a consistent branding experience for your customers. Increasing customer brand loyalty and your bottom line.

We specialize in production management for all projects that are recommended. You can use our services as much or as little as you like. We are here to help!

Our process begins with a Brand Audit. An in-depth report of your brand’s current marketing presence and brand reach. A thorough examination of your brand’s current position in the industry and a review of its effectiveness.

The report will identify and suggest all branding opportunities and areas for improvement to keep your brand consistent for social media, website, marketing and sales collateral (including printing, signs, branded promotional items and events).

Note: Brand Audits are included in the full Strategic Marketing Plan.
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A complete investigation researching and analyzing your competitors and trends for your industry; helping you make crucial planning decisions for your company’s future.

A Competitive Analysis is a critical part of your Marketing Plan. With this evaluation, you can establish what makes your product or service unique, helping to identify new opportunities for brand awareness in your target markets.

Note: Competitive Analysis is included in the full Strategic Marketing Plan.
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A comprehensive needs assessment for your organization, identifying proven strategies to enhance your brand. Integrating a Strategic Marketing Plan to your overall business plan will help keep your business connected to existing customers, while finding new ones in your target markets.

Combining the elements of the Brand Audit and Competitive Analysis with an overall plan that speaks to those results, will provide a full scope of your business and industry. Budget and schedule recommendations are also included to allow quick decisions about your company’s marketing and branding; to ensure your business has a turn-key solution for increasing customer loyalty and your bottom line.

The Strategic Marketing Plan should be used as reference for all your business branding efforts. We highly recommend a quarterly Strategic Marketing Planning Session to gauge the success of your plan, and make necessary adjustments as required.

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A 90 minute think-tank session (off-site) to ensure things are on schedule according to your Strategic Marketing Plan. This session is designed to make quick important decisions for the next quarter. It is an opportunity to review the data year to date and make data driven decisions about where to go with your marketing and advertising efforts.

What is coming up and the next steps required to complete each action item. The takeaways are a social media posting and marketing campaign schedule that includes print, website (landing page planning), online and offline ads, events, sponsorships, promotions, and budget approval. Also includes a post session summary report in PDF for your records.

Data driven marketing decisions will start to become a regular process to ensure that precious marketing dollars are seeing their best return on investment. The analytics don’t lie!

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