When you’re in start up mode, things move very quickly and marketing is not always top of mind. Once acknowledged as a priority, it’s required quickly to sustain growth, including local events and sponsorships in your community. Requests come in regularly and this can be overwhelming for business owners.


Our professional team will guide the complete process from concept and design, through the development and implementation of your event. Including project management, event marketing and materials, media communication and social media support to promote your event, help at your event and provide post-event follow up and analysis.

Anniversary Events, Promotional launches, Grand Openings, Customer Appreciation Events, Recruiting Events, Charity Fundraisers and Annual Conferences, Golf Tournaments and more.



Community sponsorships for sports teams and events are a great way to support your local community who supports your business.

Encouraging and fostering community support is a perfect opportunity to give back, while gaining traction for your brand.

Bonus: Events are usually covered by the media including television, newspapers, bloggers, magazines and social media groups. Sponsorship will garnish advertising in these outlets locally, and directly to your target markets.


Our professional team helps you plan, decide, and execute your events in campaign style. Leaving your existing and new customers with a buzz about your business and talking about your brand, online and offline.

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