At Community Marketing Initiatives, we understand the challenges local business owners may face with budget, time and resource allocation. Although you have a plan, there simply isn’t time to research and implement it. We can help!

A network of marketing and design professionals, combined with collaborative expert project management, our team delivers cost effective, agency quality marketing solutions to our clients.

With the belief that every business, no matter its size, should have access to helpful resources to plan and execute marketing solutions that will work; we create custom strategies that empower business owners to grow their company roots, at a pace and budget that is comfortable for them.

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Brand Management is the basis for all customer experiences. In today’s market, consistent presentation and content management, across all platforms your customers interact with your brand is essential.

Brand consistency is necessary both online and offline to verify your business is what it claims to be; no matter how your brand is found. Having a solid brand experience from start to finish is what keeps customers loyal and referring you to their friends, family, and community through word of mouth, online reviews and group postings.

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Strategic Marketing and Planning ensures that all your business marketing decisions are data driven to carefully measure and deliver a consistent branding experience for your customers. Increasing customer brand loyalty and your bottom line.

Integrating a Strategic Marketing Plan that includes a Brand Audit, Competitive Analysis, Branded Events and Promotions will help keep your business connected to your existing customers, while finding new ones in your target markets.

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This is what we formally call “SWAG”! The products people like so much, they want to keep it…and tell their friends about it, and your business!

In fact, 1 in 4 people you pass in your day…are carrying a branded promotional product from someone. Anything you can brand with your logo, we can offer you at highly competitive price, that easily can be worked into your campaign and event budgets when you are considering items and opportunities identified in your Strategic Marketing Plan.


The tools and resources to keep your business rooted in your community.

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