Community Marketing Initiatives began with an “AH-HA” moment…

We CAN create a positive ripple effect by supporting our communities, and that CAN be translated everywhere; with the belief that a community supporting local business feeds a healthy environment, and, in time, a healthier globe.

Focusing on local businesses we help stabilize branding efforts and increase customer loyalty. Branding and marketing strategies within a community promoting buy local and shop local campaigns.

We are also a promotional products distributor for items you put your logo on for promoting your business at conferences, events, gifts, meetings and more!

**Ask about our educational and non-profit discounts for special events and charity initiatives.**

Keeping you rooted in your community!


That everyone (and we mean everyone on Earth) should have the right to healthy, local resources. The best way to achieve this vision is to promote, educate, plan and encourage local businesses and consumers to buy local and thus, create a healthier, sustainable community for years to come.


To encourage and promote local sustainability by connecting our clients to resources and customers that will help nurture their business and grow their local roots.


Cheryl Rak
Cheryl Rak
Cheryl’s career in marketing and brand management has weathered the shift from print to digital marketing, and now the marriage of the two. Community driven, she has advised and managed marketing and customer loyalty programs for major associations and organizations such as CHF International, Family Health International (FHI), The Tea Association of Canada, and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); as well as Sears, Lowe’s and Home Depot to promote Energy Star campaigns. She now focuses on community based clients and projects.
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