The answer is BOTH! One hand feeds the other…or so it should be. Marketing is your brand. Advertising are the tools you use to connect to the world, and let everyone know about your brand.

In a world of digital databases and algorithm’s, satellites and drones…you would think marketing and advertising would be insanely effective…right?

Perhaps they CAN be but, only if the marketer REALLY knows their data and can interpret correctly where to place advertising dollars. It’s not just a case of digital evolution and out with old, in with the new! Millennial buyers have become game changers… insisting you prove why they should spend their precious time, energy and funds with you. The days of “sales pitches” are back!

Buyers are savvy and have a ton of instant research about your company at their fingertips, and on their hip at all times. You need to make sure the customer experience while researching your company matches what you want them to experience. A clear, concise marketing and advertising message that compels the buyer to convert and contact you.

2017 should be the year of marketing strategy to decide what’s working and what’s not working with your current advertising methods. Review your data to confirm and clarify current target markets. Empower sales to use new technical strategies while encouraging the use of traditional sales channels. Make follow-up appointments for in-person meetings. Perhaps bring a sales package that has been carefully prepared and presented to leave the highlights of your brand for the potential client. It should be simple and effective so they can easily recall it when they are in need.

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We hope these tips have helped you think about your target markets and how to effectively communicate with them.

Until next time…happy marketing!