Sales Got You Down? You aren’t the only one…this is a global issue that has even the big guys like Walmart checking their bottomline! In June they announced they are phasing out accepting VISA in Canada due to inflated fees. PC Superstores and Loblaws brands also stopped accepting AMEX due to inflated fees. Sales are suffering everywhere and inflation is climbing…just ask Venezuela or the fallout from Brexit, or Toronto Fashion Week that was just cancelled abruptly last week. Need more proof? Does anyone have on their radar on the Summer Olympics in RIO starting in AugustThe point here: it doesn’t matter how big your name or company name is…the world is suffering and that means branding just got a little harder.

But wait…branding should be easier with all these online tools…right?

Perhaps the trend is not what it seems. Where we are in the business world directly mirrors where we are as humans. Divided by fear and anger that our inflated expectations have not been met yet, forcing us to see only the doom and gloom being reported all around us! The online tools you use to help push your brand to the masses quickly, are also being used to promote other global agendas, and those trends compete with your ad space, limiting your conversion rate.

Sound like you business owner?

Don’t give up! What you need to remember right now, more than ever, is that we are all in this together. We are all seeinghearing, reading and watching humanity extremely succeed…or extremely fail. Both can be very overwhelming for the soul and your business! When this gets you down, remind yourself that throughout history (and I mean think back as far as you remember learning, ancient history included) the world has had these extremes…it’s just now we have tools to report EVERYTHING! It’s hard to be “out of sight, out of mind” or “hear no evil, see no evil” in today’s world.

The Solution?
History has always shown that good things result from humans coming together and working as one unit, in tandem, with the same goals. The same goes for business…key words were “coming together” and “same goals”. Read all about the Multiplier Effect that happens when you invest in your community and see for yourself. #shoplocal #buylocal

If your business isn’t thriving the way you expect perhaps you need a branding face-lift to reset your goals and get connected again. Sales are best won when you are connected to your community both online and offline. Here are some tips that every business strategy should include:

  • When is the last time you checked your LinkedIn profile as a business owner and tried working that network for sales, or potential vendors/partners to help your business succeed?
  • When is the last time you attended a public community event and passed out business cards to network your company, while supporting a good cause?
  • How about sponsoring the event or a team in your area?
  • Are you blogging and aligning yourself online with those who can help with referrals, reviews, back-linking to your site and social media etc.?
  • This past week Pokémon GO was released in Canada and has thousands eagerly on the move in their communities looking for these little guys at venues all over town! Why not be a go to point in the game? Businesses who have registered are already reporting significant increase in sales in just the first week!
  • Stop reading just the headlines and interacting with an emoticon when interacting online. Knowledge is power and I fear we have forgotten that on this information highway. Stop falling down the rabbit hole when you get online. Stay focused, and if you really want to get connected then plug-IN! Join some real conversations online in your LinkedIn groups and posts, Twitter and whatever other social media works best for your business to get connected. Please stop relying on just having a presence. If you don’t have the time to plug-IN yourself there are plenty of Social Media Consultants and Trainers, as well as apps and software that can help streamline the process and get you in the mix.

    If you’re looking to improve your online and offline business stats and get connected to more clients, contact us today to get started!