Boosting your brand is not done overnight! It’s a steady, consistent pace that involves tweaking and attention on a regular schedule. In today’s marketing mix this means not forgetting about the dreaded last P of the mix – PROMOTION!!

Too often we tell ourselves as business owners that we “can’t afford to promote”…but how can you afford not to? Millennial buyers are creating a faster-paced immediate market, even quicker than generations before; and businesses who can’t keep up are becoming dinosaurs.

How can you afford to boost your brand identity in a world where everything seems to cost so much?   
STOP wasting your precious marketing funds on non-strategic goals!

Marrying your online and offline efforts by creating targeted campaigns to reach your desired customers is key. Marketing is all about strategy. Designing a campaign-style marketing program WILL boost your brand and customer loyalty…because you are actually reaching real potential clients. Don’t try to sell meat to a vegetarian just because they fit your age group and demographic for Google AdWords!

Although we aren’t going to divulge all our marketing guru secrets, we are going to give you a snippet of what we ALWAYS recommend to our clients in strategic planning…

1. Invest in face time with potential clients by supporting local community events and sponsorships that you can leave a useful promotional product with your logo and contact information on it. It’s like an extension of your business card and website combined. Make sure it’s a useful product though!

More than 90% of Canadians who own promotional outerwear, hats, drinkware and bags remember the advertiser. 82% of Canadians keep advertising specialities because they are useful, the highest percentage of any country.

2.  Marrying that with an online social media campaign that will capture them in YOUR company database is essential. HINT: Landing pages on your website that are user responsive on all devices are essential so TEST TEST TEST!

To read more from the 2014 Global Advertising Specialties report CLICK HERE. This has all the industry stats on why promotional products with your logo are a great idea for your marketing mix and how they can increase your bottomline. Search 2016 Catalogs Now!

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Happy Branding!