We believe in a collaborative approach to connecting the right people with the necessary resources for long-term success. Strategic partnerships in your community and industry can help bridge the gap, and increase productivity immediately.

In 2015 we had a major concern about our own re-branding needs, and how to move forward with this very necessary project. At our strategic session we identified the gaps and were able to easily find two new strategic partnerships in our community to help! Within less than 2 months our re-branding was complete and business has increased significantly since we launched.

If you are feeling “stuck” with your company’s sales and marketing, let me introduce my partners who help keep our image moving forward…

LA Marketing Services
LA Marketing Services is a great resource for Social Media Training and Management. Lori’s corporate background in Marketing Communications translates to amazing social media and customer loyalty, with immediate measureable results.

LA Marketing Services strategic marketing planning has helped us stay on course and achieve an instant increase in 2016 sales…by helping us refine our target markets and how we speak to them.

If you are looking to find out how you and your team can navigate the world of social media and marketing communications, contact LA Marketing Services.  www.lamarketingservices.ca