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Marketing and advertising components of daily business operations are commonly overlooked by Owners. Although you have great ideas, often they aren’t planned well in advance, and end up costing you much more than you initially thought; resulting in frustration and little return on your investment.

Planning = Success

Community Marketing Initiatives offers complete data driven marketing solutions that are well planned and executed.


1. Phone Consultation

Are you wearing too many hats at your business, with no time to do it all?

Owner, Sales, Marketing, Accountant, Human Resources, Administrator, Social Media Manager, Master Buyer, Customer Service

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2. Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing and Planning ensures that all your business marketing decisions are data driven to carefully measure and deliver a consistent branding experience for your customers. Increasing customer brand loyalty and your bottom line.

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3. Brand Management

Brand Management is the basis for all customer experiences. In today’s market, consistent presentation and content management across all platforms where customers interact with your brand, is essential (no matter what you’re selling).

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4. Promotions

When you’re in start up mode, things move very quickly and branding is not always top of mind. Once acknowledged as a priority, it’s required quickly to sustain growth, including events and promotions. This can be overwhelming for business owners.

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